Terms of Service

Terms of Service:

  • Treatments are by appointment booked in advance.

  • Weekend and bank holiday appointments can be arranged in advance. Please call or email to make an enquiry.

  • ​Man Ki Shanti Reflexology Ltd. reserve the right to refuse treatments/service to clients seen to be intoxicated, taking drugs, or without a doctor’s consent if this is suggested. In such circumstances the client will still be charged if they arrive for their treatment knowing this fact.

  • ​Man Ki Shanti Reflexology Ltd. reserve the right to refuse treatments/service to clients who are suffering from any infectious disease, including but not exclusively coughs, colds, ‘flu. If you are unwell on the day of your treatment please contact us and we will advise whether you are fine to receive treatment or not. Any clients who arrive for a treatment suffering from any infectious disease without advising us in advance may be refused treatment but will still be charged.

  • ​All session times given are for the appointment session, and includes the consultation, time for undressing and redressing as well as follow up.

  • ​New clients are advised to arrive 5 to 10 minutes earlier than the appointment time to complete the consultation form.

  • ​Please notify us as soon as possible if you are running late, the contact details will be on the appointment confirmations that are emailed to you. We will try to accommodate your treatment with the time that remains for your scheduled appointment, but this may need to be adapted slightly to fit in with the reduced appointment time. If you are running more than 30 minutes late for a 60 minute appointment it may be necessary to re-schedule it. The full charge will apply for the treatment (as per the 48 hour cancellation policy).

  • ​Late arrival will be deducted from treatment time with full fee payable.

  • ​If the practitioner is running late for any reason they will ensure that you still receive the full session time, unless you specify that you would like the session to end on time.


  • We accept cash as well as online payment by bank transfer.

  • ​Appointments can be paid for in advance.

  • We hold the right to request that appointments are to be held with a valid credit card at the time of booking.

​Booking Treatments:

  • Treatment booking requests may be booked by telephone or email.

  • ​Bookings are not confirmed until you have received the email appointment confirmation from us, which outlines the details and terms for your booking.

  • ​Appointment bookings cannot be made directly with the clinic at Lily House in South Woodford. They can only be made using the methods listed above.


  • Man Ki Shanti Reflexology Ltd. reserve the right to refuse treatment/services to children.

  • An initial consultation will be required and the consent of the parents, and a parent must be present throughout the treatment.

  • ​You may bring children in to the treatment room with you for your session with prior permission. We expect them to behave responsibly.


  • Sorry, we do not permit pets into the treatment rooms.

​Mobile Phones:

  • We request that all mobile phones are put on silent or vibrate in the waiting areas and in the treatment rooms. Please advise us if for any reason you require your phone to remain on in the therapy rooms, as this can be accommodated.

Appointment reminders:

  • Appointment reminders will be emailed to you to the email address provided at the time of booking. This may be done within the cancellation time, but could occur outside of the Cancellation Policy.

  • ​If you do not receive an email reminder and you have an appointment booked please contact us.

  • ​Not receiving your appointment reminder will not be accepted as an acceptable reason for any no shows for booked appointments or if you do not give adequate notice of change/cancellation of your appointment (as per the cancellation terms above).

  • ​We will not be liable if email notifications and alerts are unavailable at any time because of repairs, updates and routine maintenance on our systems (and those of our suppliers) or for any reasons that we cannot control.

  • ​We will not be liable if you don’t receive email notifications or alerts for reasons within your control - your phone being switched off, there is no network coverage or you change your phone, for example.

  • ​We will also not be liable if we fail to receive any instructions from you, or receive them too late to carry them out, for any reason outside our control.


  • No responsibility can be accepted by Man Ki Shanti Reflexology Ltd. for the safety of any money or valuables of any kind brought for your treatment.


  • Please let us know in advance if you have any special requirements, vision/hearing impairment or access needs so that your treatment can be adjusted accordingly.

Privacy Policy:

  • All personal information will be treated as confidential and will fully comply with the applicable UK Data Protection and Consumer Legislation. More information on the Privacy Policy page.


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