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Reflexology in the Workplace

Stress is one of the biggest causes of health problems in the workplace.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) defines stress as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them’.

Did you know…..

  • 75% of disease is estimated to be caused by stress.

  • Approximately 360 million working days are lost in the UK every year at a cost of £8 billion, and half of these absences are stress related.

  • Many companies are now recognising the need for a 'stress management policy'  and companies in the UK are now beginning to follow suit by offering reflexology and other holistic therapies to their staff.

Stress affects people differently - what stresses one person may not affect another. 

What causes stress?

Stress can be caused by a number of factors including:

  • long hours and shift work

  • lack of control or insecurity

  • lack of job satisfaction

  • bad relations with colleagues

What illnesses can be caused by stress?

Stress can cause mental and physical illnesses such as anxiety, depression, altered appetite, headaches, backache or difficulty in sleeping.

What are the effects of stress at work?

Stress in the workplace can be a major issue, affecting health and wellbeing and having a negative impact on a business.

How can reflexology benefit my employees and the company?

Reflexology is a relaxing, holistic therapy that can be delivered in the workplace. Some of the benefits include: 


  • Supports relaxation

  • Boosts circulation

  • Helps reduce stress and tension

  • Alleviates eye strain

  • Eliminates headaches

  • Speedy recovery and return to work after illness/accident

  • May provide pain relief for stress-related conditions, such as headaches/migraine


  • Helps reduce physical and emotional tension

  • Reduces stress-related illness

  • Enhances performance

  • Can increase motivation, focus and productivity

  • Decreases occupational health and HR costs

  • Can reduce staff turnover and absenteeism due to stress and back problems

What equipment is needed? 

Reflexology does not require the removal of clothing (except for shoes and socks for foot reflexology) and only a small space is needed to set up a treatment area. Sessions ideally will be provided in a private room, discreet location in your office (eg. First Aid room, contemplation room, suitable meeting room). We require comfortable chair, table, sofa chair/sofa.

What do we provide?

We provide antiseptic cleansing wipes, blanket/towels, information leaflets, consultation and consent forms to be filled in by the clients before treatment can commence.

How long is each treatment?

Treatments are delivered on a one-to-one basis ranging between 15 to 30 minutes depending on client preference.

Possible Corporate packages:

Regular Stress-Busting-Relaxation Programme:

Used on a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, or as a one-off treat. Visits can be half or full day. Sessions available for staff on a set day.

Wellbeing events:

One-off attendance at staff wellbeing events with staff offered mini-reflexology taster sessions during the event.

Taster Sessions:

90 minute taster session involves a brief introduction about reflexology in the workplace and one to one session time for up to 4 people (15-minute sessions each).


The corporate rate is £60 per hour, providing on average 4 x 15 min or 3 x 20 min or 2 x 30 minute treatments, depending on the customer requirements.

There would also be a travel cost for the therapist to attend.

Treatments can be fully paid, part subsidised or individual payment options.

We accept online card and cash payments.


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